Understanding food-rewards (and tips for avoiding them!)

Food is often used to reward a positive behaviour or encourage kids (and adults) to act in a particular way. Doing so can in the short-term leave kids confused about healthy eating and in the long-term set up poor relationships with food.

Here we “unpack” a few important points about food when used as a reward and offer tips and ideas for avoiding them.
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Water. How much does my child need?

Having an understanding of how much fluid your child needs is a great starting point in understanding whether you really do need to keep reminding them to drink.

We also provide tips for helping with hydration.
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Helping an underweight child

There are many reasons why a child might be underweight. Supporting healthy growth can be difficult. Here we provide some tips and information for getting help for your child.
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Food before one is not just for fun.

There is a common notion that “food before one is just for fun” . Food plays an important role in the first year of life from both nutritional and developmental perspectives. Here we un-pack the when, what and why of introducing solids.
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Iron Deficiency. Tips for prevention and “cure”

ron is an important nutrient. It plays a key role in many of the bodies’ functions including growth, development and appetite regulation Simply put, if iron levels are low children and may find it difficult to concentrate, difficult to learn to their potential and difficult to eat the right types and amounts of food their young body needs.

Here we explain risk-factors for iron-deficiency as well as provide tips for preventing deficiency and eating an iron-rich diet
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