Ambrosia Dietetics specialises in nutrition for kids and people living with a disability. We help our patients and their families to enjoy happy mealtimes and healthy lives. Our Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist is a Medicare Provider and provides supports to people under The NDIS. We are Sydney-based with clinic locations in The Eastern Suburbs and Inner West. We also offer services that include Skype consultations and support to group homes. 

If you have an infant with feeding difficulties or allergies; a child who’s a fussy eater or you’re a family concerned about your child’s weight we can help.

We support Early Learning Centre’s and school’s to develop healthy menu’s, healthy eating polices, conduct staff training and parent information sessions. 

If your child lives with a disability we can support them to meet their nutrition goals whether they be related to tube feeding, autism, weight control or complex feeding disorders.  

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