Paediatric Dietitian

Paediatric dietitian appointments are available for infants, toddlers, children and adolescents. Consultations typically involve an assessment of growth; discussions about medical history and general dietary intake and the families’ goals of dietetic therapy. Individualised education surrounding nutritional needs and dietary intake is generally provided together with recommendations and strategies to support the client and their family’s goals. Paediatric dietetic consultations are conducted within specialised paediatric clinics in Bondi Junction and North Strathfield locations. Our experience and skills in paediatric dietetics includes:

o   Infant nutrition

Assessing and supporting infants with feeding difficulties, suboptimal growth, food allergies, tube feeding/ weaning and feeding related irritability.

o   Toddler nutrition

Assessing and supporting toddlers and their families experiencing gastrointestinal problems (including constipation and irritable bowel syndrome), “fussy eating” and feeding problems, food allergies, suboptimal or excessive weight, tube feeding, micronutrient deficiencies (such as iron deficiency), vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and children living with physical and intellectual disabilities including autism. 

o   Children and Teenage nutrition

Assessing and supporting children and teenagers experiencing gastrointestinal problems (including constipation and irritable bowel syndrome), “fussy eating” and feeding problems, food allergies, suboptimal or excessive weight, tube feeding, micronutrient deficiencies (such as iron deficiency), vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, those living with physical and intellectual disabilities, teenagers wanting to know more about nutrition and healthy eating; or concerned about eating or their weight as well as young athletes. 

We can also assist children and teenagers who are transitioning to school, high-school or out of home to prepare for these milestones in their lives. 

NDIS Dietitian

NDIS dietitian consultations are available for paediatric participants of The NDIS when funding is self-managed or plan-managed. Our NDIS dietitian will help you meet your goals set in your plan. Our experience and skills in helping people with disability and complex needs includes:

o   Intellectual disabilities

Supporting children living with intellectual disabilities including traumatic brain injuries, Autism and learning difficulties. We help to optimise intake, support healthy growth, reduce mealtime stress and teach adults how to have independence at mealtimes, when shopping and cooking. 

o   Nutrition Support/ Tube Feeding.

Supporting individuals and families to manage tube feeding. We can arrange Nutrition Support equipment and formula (HENS), help in training carers to give tube feeds and make sure that the type and amount of tube feed is right for each individual.  

o   Swallowing problems

Supporting individuals to have healthy and enjoyable mealtimes when swallowing problems may make it difficult to eat or drink. We can arrange special nutritional products to support you during these times or help to find nutritious and delicious foods for you. 

o   Physical disabilities. 

Supporting children in having a healthy weight; independence in eating or meal preparation, managing any barriers to good nutrition and even helping pressure wounds to heal. 

o   Mealtime management

Supporting children and families in the planning and preparation of meals that are right for them. We can provide guidance when eating out or food shopping. We can support families and carers with behavioural management surrounding mealtimes and also help to plan healthy menus. 

For more information about our NDIS Dietitian or to find out how we can help you to achieve you NDIS Goals, contact us directly. 

Clinical Supervision

Practice areas of pediatrics and disability are not topics taught in-depth in university studies. With over 10 years experience supporting other dietitians and working in these practice areas we are well equiped to provide Accredited Practicing Dietitian’s (APD’s) and those working towards APD status with clinical supervision.

Our sessions will increase your knowledge, confidence and skills when supporting infants, children and people with a disability. You will also build your skills and knowledge for working under NDIS and family-based models of care.

All sessions are tailored to each APD’s needs and offer opportunities for learning and reflection.

Contact us directly to arrange your supervision.

Presentations, Training and Education Programs

Fun, interactive and informative sessions are tailored to the needs of your organisation. Sessions are aimed to support cooks, chefs, support workers, childcare workers and other key staff to increase their knowledge and skills in helping children and people with a disability to achieve happy and healthy mealtimes. Sessions may focus on topics such as supporting people with a disability at mealtimes, child-friendly food ideas, supporting children with allergies or how to incorporate food based activities into learning settings.Presentations, training and education sessions may include practical components and “take-home” resources for participants.

To discuss how we can support your organisations with tailored presentations, training or education sessions contact us directly. 

Menu Review
and Consultations

Providing a menu that meets the nutritional, taste and developmental needs of children does not need to be difficult. Menu reviews and consultations support teams to increase their understanding and application of government policies and guidelines in a tasty and cost effective manner.  Seasonal menu planning services can support the financial goals of your business, whilst supporting the nutritional needs of the people you care for.

To find out how we can help your Group Home, Early Learning Centre, School or Workplace contact us directly. 

Developing Nutrition and Health Eating Policy

A nutrition and healthy eating policy in the early childhood setting highlights a commitment to providing healthy and positive mealtimes to children. We work with you to develop policy that explains your early childhood or school’s procedures regarding healthy eating and commitment to providing a nutritious food service supportive of children of all ages.

To find out how we can help your early learning setting or school contact us directly. 


Sometimes it can be difficult to attend face-to-face consultations. We offer teleconference consultations, helping you to access optimal health care regardless of where you live or mobility status. We also offer some appointments out of business hours, perfect for those juggling work and family life.

To find out more about our Telehealth/ teleconference services, contact us directly. 

Supermarket Tours

Navigating the aisle of the supermarket can be a confusing (and costly) process. We work with individuals and small groups to increase their understanding of food labelling, nutrition requirements and food budgeting. Supermarket Tours can be a fun and informative activity for Parent/”Mother’s” Groups, Grandparents or anyone wanting to learn more about good nutrition. 

Our supermarket programs may be fully funded for NDIS Participants with NDIS Dietitian or therapy. 

To find out more or to cook a supermarket tour contact us directly.